Photographie architecture - vue nocturne - Muse Metz : Centre commercial. Architecte Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés - vue nocturne
Shopping Center Muse Metz - Night view
Greg Buttay : interior and exterior architectural photographer
Graduate in photography and strong of many years of experiments in this field which nourished me as well aesthetically as technically, I carry out photographs of architecture (architects, maitres d'oeuvre, maitres d'ouvrage, designers, interior designers). My photographs are used for communication, publication, editing, website, design and documentation.

I conceive my shots in the respect of the specifications and the thought of the architect while combining my glance and my approach to create images bringing the best visual result of the space and the work. I underline this one in its environment, in situation.
In my work I start from general plans, giving a reading of the urban landscape, to detail views.
I build my images by looking for the moment which constitutes a strong time in the representation of the work (weather condition and quality of the light, impact of the urban lightings in the night views...) and I integrate the environment and the unexpected lights by exploiting the best angles and point of view. I reveal the composition, the technical specificities and the choice of materials and highlight them.
As an architectural photographer, I put forward the real work of several dozen people (architects, builders, engineers, craftsmen dealing with the completion), it is to honor them by highlighting their human knowledge, visible, tangible.
Photographie architecture - Metz Congrès-Robert Schuman, architecte Wilmotte & Associés - Vue de détail et des matériaux du Palais des congrès de Metz - Centre Robert Schuman
Palais des congrès Robert Schuman Metz - detail view and material
An architectural reportage requires an important preparation: choice of the date according to the weather conditions and the quality of the light, exposure of the frontages according to the course of the sun, direction of the light to bring out a material, a detail, a technical aspect, possible choice of the blue hour or night to reveal a particular aspect of the work...
Vue de détail architecture - Enveloppe béton - EHPAD Freyming Merlebach - Agence Espace Architecture
EHPAD Freyming-Merlebach - Detail view
Photographie architecture - Vue de nuit - EHPAD Freyming-Merlebach - Agence Espace Architecture
EHPAD Freyming-Merlebach - Night view
Architectural photography requires a professionalism that goes from the perfect mastery of perspectives by using specialized lenses, tilt-shift, to the retouching that allows to reveal the image by correcting defects of aspects or by removing undesirable elements that cannot be circumvented at the shooting.
My fields of intervention : From the follow-up of the building site to the final views of the work, I can intervene at all the stages of your project, that constitutes the photographic bottom and of memory of the building.
I can also realize views of bare ground to be able to insert there afterwards 3D buildings, photos which document the biotope or any other images which help you in the preparation of your building permits.
Of course I realize the final images of your work presenting it with fidelity and aestheticism.

I travel all over Europe. I know the importance of photography in your work and I implement everything with flexibility and reactivity in the realization of your images.

Photographie architecture - La Maison de l’Amphithéâtre, architectes BMC2 / Arnaud BICAL et Laurent COURCIER
The house of the amphitheater - Metz

--- Architectural photography
---  Night photography
--- Interior and exterior photography
--- Advanced photo retouching in Photoshop
--- Time Lapse and moving image
--- Architecture and heritage photography fine art
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You want information, you can contact me directly via the form on my contact page or by phone at (+336)61741967
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